“Graham is a master of illustrations that “start the story” with just a glance. Being a food safety nonprofit, it’s often assumed that we want to “spoil everyone’s fun” – by talking about making food safer. But thanks to Graham’s creatively conscientious mind and hand, people are hooked and compelled to take a closer look. I’m always amazed that Graham can winnow significant nuances out of the smallest details and they never feel contrived or pretentious.”  - Stanley Rutledge, Stop Foodborne Illness

"Graham is a real artist, fast and fantastic to work with. He comes fully loaded with ideas and doesn't stop working until you have something exactly right for your project."   - Dryden Meints, String Odyssey

"When we were first developing our String Sprouts program, Awful Creative found inspiration in our instruments and created an identity for us that remains special to us to this day, years down the road."   - Omaha Conservatory of Music