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Work Testimonials

“I was pretty nervous to start the branding process because I wasn't sure how to conceptualize my visions. Meeting Graham along the way was clutch, because he was able to blend a combination of several concepts to create a gender neutral, multi-sport logo that is appropriate for all ages. Our visions quickly aligned and it was very clear he was hearing everything I was envisioning. The response from my athletes has been so positive, ranging from elite gymnasts to collegiate football players to the NBA to Olympic athletes. Graham's ability to create a logo that appeals to athletes across so many dynamics was exactly what I needed!”

Crystal Zabka Belsky, Fierce Fueling & Performance


"Graham Burkum is a genius. Plain and simple.  When opening our salon we were rookies to everything.  Graham took us under his wing when we needed direction most.  Not only did he design an entire brand for us he set up our web page, online scheduling and designed an insanely artistic logo for our sign and business cards! After just meeting us and sitting down for coffee once, Graham was able to assess our personalities and translate it into the perfect branding and read our minds more accurately then we could have ever imagined. Graham is a master of his craft.  He is  crazy talented and multi-versed in all aspects of creativity. If you need an artistic mind look no further. Thanks so much Graham for all you’ve done and continue to do for Evergreen Salon! Couldn’t have done it without you!"


Noelle and Kelsey, Evergreen Salon


“Graham is a master of illustrations that “start the story” with just a glance. Being a food safety nonprofit, it’s often assumed that we want to “spoil everyone’s fun” – by talking about making food safer. But thanks to Graham’s creatively conscientious mind and hand, people are hooked and compelled to take a closer look. I’m always amazed that Graham can winnow significant nuances out of the smallest details and they never feel contrived or pretentious.”


Stanley Rutledge, Stop Foodborne Illness


"Graham brings a true sense of originality to his work. I enjoyed collaborating with him because he has a natural instinct for fresh, engaging design. He was completely committed to getting everything just right for my project."


Darby at Jot Writing Co.


"Awful Creative did an amazing job of taking our ideas and making them better than we could have imagined. Graham built us a killer logo and website that gives us space to grow in the next chapter of our work identity."


Fireside Goods


"Graham is a real artist, fast and fantastic to work with. He comes fully loaded with ideas and doesn't stop working until you have something exactly right for your project."


Dryden Meints, String Odyssey


"When we were first developing our String Sprouts program, Awful Creative found inspiration in our instruments and created an identity for us that remains special to us to this day, years down the road."


Omaha Conservatory of Music

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